A M Y  &  N E I L 


Photos by ; David Boynton Photography

My incredible flower crown made me feel like a woodland fairly...

During our first discussion of flowers I used the words; green, loose and wild. Jessie took those few words and turned the flowers into a dream like reality. It was as if she had looked into my mind and knew exactly what I would like, picking up on my favourite flowers and including the Queen of dahlia’s, café au lait.

The displays ended up looking as if they were always there... She worked so incredibly hard to get them just so but somehow they ended up looking effortless. The bridal bouquet was stunning, I couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to carry it around with me all day; it got a lot of compliments and I was very overwhelmed when it arrived at my house in the morning. She honestly made me feel like I was a woodland fairy!
— Amy